Commitment has a major impact on our social, national and professional life. When we fall in danger then we understood the importance of it. At the problematic situation, you will not get your friend if you are not committed with your friend. But your friend will come to help you even in the midnight if you are committed and devoted to him or her. You should have the ability of forgiveness if you want to maintain the smooth flow of commitment. Unwillingly, we may occur some mistake but if we unable to understand the real situation and unable to forgive. Probably bad moment wait for us. Keeping compromise is the major part of the commitment. Nobody believes such a person who breaks his or her compromise. So, we should practise commitment in our individual, social and professional life.

That doesn’t mean that we are committed to support the unethical and illegal behaviour. Any kind of unethical and illegal behaviour is against the law of human creation. Any commitment which is related to illegal affairs without any hesitation just avoid this commitment.
When you are committed to your colleague and boss, you will find your workplace as a peaceful place. On the other side, who are uncommitted to them, they will search for finding fault of their colleague and boss and vice versa going on. As a result, an unexpected situation will create. Finally, due to this artificial crisis (due to uncommitted attitude) they will try to leave the workplace.
Let’s try to be a committed person, so that we can be happy. Happy commitment!


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